Preschool Gymnastics is for children, ages eighteen months to age four.  Mommy and Me Classes are for children, ages eighteen months to two years and one or both of the child's parents.

Toddler classes are for children age two.

Pre-School Pre-K Classes are for children, ages three to four.  Some of the  classes are called Pre-K on-going and those classes are for age three and four who have taken before.


Most of the preschool classes are held in the downstairs pre-school gym.  


For the current schedule and to Register, please go to  If you have any questions regarding the classes, please do not hesitate to call the gym at 501 985-1818.  Staff information and pictures are below.  To register, please go to


Rachel Wyrick
2021_HnP - Staff - Lois

Kristina Armstrong - information to be added soon.  Kristina has been involved at Huff 'n Puff for at least 12 years, starting out as a preschool mom. She taught trampoline and tumbling team gymnastics with Ms. Madison for          years; she has been in charge of the HnP after-school care for              years and is also teaching preschool gymnastics.  Kristina and her husband Greg have been so involved at HnP for several years and they are both greatly appreciated for all their support.

Rachel Wyrick returned to Huff 'n Puff in the fall of 2018.  While she is primarily a highly qualified dance instructor (please see her resume under dance), she is also very qualified to teach gymnastics to younger children, as well.  Ms. Rachel spent several years in the Huff 'n Puff gymnastics program, and competed for several years before deciding to spend more time in the dance program.  Ms. Rachel is wonderful with young (and older) children and we are so pleased that she is back adding her wonderful personality and talents to our program.   Ms. Rachel also teaches recreational dance classes for preschoolers to teens, while also also teaching classes to Jacksonville Dance Company dancers.   We are so pleased that Ms. Rachel chose to come back to our area to once again be part of the HnP family.  Ms. Rachel has been teaching our preschool gymnasts for several years now and is very popular with her students and parents.   Additionally, Ms. Rachel has also become Coach Rachel, as she has joined Coach Lois in coaching the Jax Gym Competitive Level One gymnasts.  Rachel and Lois are just examples of how proud we are that our once-students have become such fantastic instructors in both dance and gymnastics.


Anna ws unavailable for the latest staff pictures but I'm sure that motherhood to two little ones has not changed her too much!

Ms. Lois teaches morning preschool gymnastics classes in addition to her many other responsibilities at Huff 'n Puff.  Ms. Lois loves children so these preschool classes are right up her alley.  Coach Lois also co-coached Jax Gym Competitive Levels One and Two last season and she and Ms. Rachel will coach the Level One Team this season.  In addition, Coach Lois will co-coach the Level Two Team.  There is not enough room for me to write all about Ms. Lois - she has been with Huff 'n Puff, Jax Gym and Jax Dance Company for 20 years.  She is a mainstay in our business.  She was one of Coach Laurel's original Level Four gymnasts 20 years ago - the team that helped establish our very existance today.  Thank you Ms. and Coach Lois for all you do for us.  (She was also a NICU and PICU nurse for over ten years.) Two years ago Lois Bryan became Lois Overholser and with that beautiful wedding, she became mom to two fantastic little girls who are in both competitive gymnastics and dance! In addition to gymnastics coaching, Ms. Lois has been director of dance for many years and our Jacksonville Dance Company has become quite competitive in the regional and national dance competitions, with our dancers and instructors winning many awards and titles.

Makyla Sandoval joined the Huff 'n Puff staff to teach gymnastics in the fall of 2019.  She coaches from Boys' Gymnastics and advanced recreational gymnastics.  

Huff ‘n Puff Preschool Gymnastics Staff

Lois Overholser, Rachel Wyrick, Anna Bunch, Kristina Armstrong

In response to my request, Julia wrote this regarding her work at Huff 'n Puff and I left it in the first person. 

Hello!!!!!  My name is Julia Carver and I have just joined the Jax gymnastics/Huff n Puff crew.  I am 37 years old and I was born and raised in North Little Rock Arkansas.  I started ballet,   tap and jazz at the age of 3, then decided that I wanted to be a gymnast at age 8.  I started gymnastics classes at the NLR Community Center and quickly started competing level 4 at the age of 9.  Eventually, at the age of 14, I decided to move to Kidsports in Benton, AR.,  being coached by Holly Crocket.  Unfortunately, at my level 9 State meet in Conway, AR.  I  tore my ACL on my FIRST warm-up event, doing my dismount on uneven bars.  This ended my career as a gymnast, as I was very upset, due to me craving a college scholarship in the sport.  I didn’t coach for years, until I moved to Honolulu, Hawaii in 2010.  I coached for five years at two different gymnastic clubs, prior to moving back to my home state approximately two years ago.  I adore and know the sport of gymnastics very well; and take it very seriously as well..  My forte is the recreational level and I thoroughly enjoy coaching the younger females!  It’s so wonderful to be back here in AR. with people I know and have been affiliated with in the sport with for years!  Girls and boys…….WORK HARD AND KEEP A POSITIVE ATTITUDE IN ALL OF LIFE—NOT JUST WHEN YOU’RE DOING GYMNASTICS!!! 

Julia's advice to all her students is to "Stay Hydrated."   

Coach Julia

Julia forgot to mention that she has a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology.  




Julia - with some of her rec students - always a smile!

Anna Bunch - 2020- 2021  Preschool 

Generally, I sort of put the staff information together but I felt Anna did such a good job of telling me about her background when she arrived to coach with us eight years ago, I was sure that I could not improve upon it and I have only updated it..  So these are her words - thank you Anna! 


My involvement in gymnastics started at age six when I tried a recreation class with a friend. I was hooked right then! I spent a couple years doing just rec and tumbling, then moved into competitive gymnastics. My Artistic career ended at level five, when I then switched to Acrobatic gymnastics. I competed in the Acro National Cup many times, my last year as a Level Nine.  My high school senior year (2004) was my last year as a competitor. I am originally from South Louisiana. A small Bible college outside of Hot Springs is what originally relocated me here in Arkansas. In fall of 2006, going to NPCC part-time and working full time I decided I missed the sport too much to stay out of the gym and started coaching part-time. I went full time shortly after and was with Hot Springs Gymnastics just shy of seven years when I relocated after getting married in May 2013. I mainly focused on Recreational classes, though I coached a little everything while I was there: Rec., Competitive, Tumbling, and Preschool. I also spent a little time as a preschool teacher in their Preschool. Not to be forgotten, I was also the swim lesson director/ teacher. 


I have had a few other jobs, but nothing makes me want to go to work like coaching. There's nothing like being able to help a child reach their goals. The opportunity of being a coach, someone typically highly trusted and admired in a child's life, is a great blessing. My coach had an impact on my life and I keep that in mind when spending time with my girls. I love the chance to develop relationships with them that go beyond gymnastics. Through the common love of Gymnastics we are able to impart so much more into them than just learned skills, but wisdom towards their success in life.


Also, Anna’s two latest adventures is being Mother to baby girl Norah, born spring, 2017 and now a baby boy, born in 2021.  After the birth of Norah in 2017, Anna began teaching preschool classes and she will continue to teach preschool classes this summe and fall.  Huff 'n Puff is so fortunate to have such great instructors and coaches to love these young gymnasts and want to give back from their life experiences.

Staff Pictures and resumes as of summer, 2021 are shown below

In response to my request, Julia wrote the above in 2015 regarding her work at Huff 'n Puff and I left most of it in the first person.  I have added on information on the last paragraph. "  Last year, Julia taught recreational gymnastics and several preschool classes.   Julia is teaching many of the recreational classes this year (2019-2020).  Julia is also DHS certified and works with HnP After-School Program Monday through Friday.  She also coaches the HnP Mini Mite program twice a week at two different schools.   Julia is such a great asset to Huff 'n Puff programs.

Julia Carver - 2015-2016 and 2018-2019 - 2021 Recreational Coach

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