Jenna Mecca - Team and Rec Gymnastics Coach

Coach Jenna began her gymnastics career at Huff ‘n Puff when she was in the first grade and immediately fell in love with the sport.  She was moved to competitive team her second year and competed for several years, winning State Championship on Vault (her favorite event) and also winning Second Place Individual All-Around State Championship that same year. 

Jenna began assistant coaching at Huff ‘n Puff in the summer of 2015 and has continued coaching since then.  In addition to coaching, she also competed as a Diamond gymnast in Xcel during the 2016-2017 meet season. She took second place at state and Vault is still her absolute favorite. She thought it was a blast to make a comeback after being out of competitive gymnastics for several years. 

Jenna loves coaching both team and rec gymnasts.  She has proven to be a valuable asset to our gymnastics program.  She says that she loves her job and she feels like it is her responsibility to teach the young gymnasts to use their abilities to their best and we’re certain that she is also instilling in them her same love of gymnastics as she coaches them.  Jenna says that the smiles of the gymnasts makes her heart happy. 

Jenna is coaching Competitive Level Three, and Xcel Silver gymnasts.

Jenna is attending ASU Beebe for the first two years to complete her basics and will then transfer to UCA to complete her degree, which is currently undetermined. 



We are happy that Sara continues to coach for us as she attends classes at UCA, where she is majoring in Health Science, working toward physical therapy.   These  were Sara's words in 2015.

I started gymnastics in a recreational class at Huff 'n Puff when I was four years old.  The next year I became a competitive gymnast as a member of the Jax Gym Competitive Team and competed for nine years.  I had fallen in love with gymnastics when I had seen the "big girls" do their floor routines and I wanted to be just like them.  Gymnastics has taught me many life lessons, has brought me close to many different people, and has given me many amaziing experiences to help me develop many deep friendships.  My favorite event to coach is floor because I love to tumble and dance, and just show who I am, and my highest team competition scores were always on floor.  I absolutely love coaching gymnastics because it brings back great memories, and I get to teach the sport that I grew up doing.  I am hoping that the gymnasts that I coach will enjoy gymnastics as much as I did.  Also, my gymnastics training made it easy for me to become a cheerleader on the Sylvan Hills High School Competitive Squad.

Sara is a great asset at Huff 'n Puff and Jax Gym.  This is her fifth year to coach and she loves coaching her gymnasts so much that she drives down about several days a week from UCA to continue coaching competitive gymnastics students and she coaches  Level Three gymnasts as well as Levels Five-Six as well as Level Seven gymnasts with Coach Laurel.  Sara and Laurel coached 2018 Level Four gymnasts to the runner-up state championship and 2019 Level Six gymnasts to runner up State Championship..  Sara is coaching Levels Three and assists Laurel and Dennis with Levels Six, Seven and Eight.  Sara also recently became USAG certified to judge Competitive Levels One - Five.





Dennis Harris

Coach Dennis graduated from Hendrix College.  He is a 35-year member of USA Gymnastics; he has been USAG safety certified for the past 29 years.  He was a former Arkansas USAG advisory committee chairman and former Region Three USAG board member.  He is also Kindercare accredited.  He has 35 years coaching experience in competitive gymnastics and has coached at Jax Gym for the past several years.   He is currently coaching Levels Six - Nine at JAX Gym.   Coach Dennis coached Jax Gym Level Nine Gymnast, Joshuline Gaynor, to Western Nationals in April, 2015.  Joshuline was one of two gymnasts from Arkansas to qualify for Western Nationals in Spokane, Washington, where she competed very well, placing third on bars and eighth all-around – a very high placement of anyone from AR from years past.  Coach Dennis attended the Olympics several years ago in Rio and thoroughly enjoyed watching the US gymnasts as they competed and achieved their many highest awards.  You may not be aware, Coach Dennis has "done" the hair and makeup for Ms. Arkansas pageant contestants, as well as Ms. America winners.  We were all so proud when Ms. Arkansas won the Ms. America contest a couple years ago - especially so since we know that Dennis had applied that makeup and was responsible for her hairdos during the pageant week.  We are so pleased that Coach Dennis is such a big part of the Jax Gym Competitive Team.

             Jax Gym Competitive Team Coaches:

Head Coach - Laurel Adams

Level Six - Ten - Laurel Adams, Dennis Harris and Sara Heil

Level Four - Lois Overholer 

Level Three - Sara Heil and Jenna Mecca

Level Two - Lynn Gast and Kaylan Jamesl

Level One (Tiny Team) - Lynn Gast

Xcel Silver - Jenna Mecca

Xcel Gold - Stacy Person 

Xcel Platinum and Diamond - Stacy Person








Coach Stacy Person, team coach, first joined us sixxteen years ago.  Ms. Stacy started gymnastics at age seven, and at age eight, was the first person from Searcy to compete in a USAG meet.  She competed in gymnastics for eleven years, and won many medals and awards.  She was in training for level nine when she stopped taking gymnastics. She has coached gymnastics for over twenty years--teaching preschool, tiny team, recreational classes, power tumbling, cheerleading, preteam and team, levels two to ten.   Ms. Stacy is mother of twelve-year-old twins, three-year old boy and step mom to 15-year-old daughter.  Ms. Stacy is an integral part of Huff 'n Puff and three years ago, she began the Xcel Competitive Gymnastics program, in which many of her gymnasts qualified for regionals.   This year, not only did Ms. Stacy have Xcel Platinum and Diamond gymnasts qualifty and compete at Regionals, but she had five Xcel Platinum gymnasts qualify and attend the Xcel  National Competitions for two years in a row. 




This picture of Sheryl and Laurel was taken in Florida about four-five years ago when JDC was competing National Competition there.  (We've both added a couple of years since then but we try to not talk about it!!!)

Laurel Zimmerman Adams

Ms. Laurel Zimmerman Adams, Managing Partner of Huff ‘n Puff and its programs, is also head gymnastics team coach.  Laurel has been associated with Huff ‘n Puff from its beginning in 1980.  She began taking dance and gymnastics at age three and became a serious student of dance and gymnastics at age ten with the opening of Huff 'n Puff.  Ms. Laurel began teaching dance to adults at a very young age. Her background in dance comes from many years of study with well-known Arkansas instructors, through studio classes, college courses and private lessons.  She also began teaching gymnastics at Huff 'n Puff at age 14.

Ms. Laurel and her family returned to Arkansas in 1996 so she could once again be a part of the business.  She is a member of the professional USA Gymnastics Federation, is safety certified by USAG and is a USAG Skill Evaluator; she has also recertified as a USAG Junior Olympic Judge.  She also completed her Kinder Accreditation, a preschool gymnastics certification.  She teaches advanced gymnastics and prepares the more advanced students for competitions.  In 1998, she began the Jacksonville Gymnastics Competitive Team with eleven Level Four members.  This summer our competitive team, Levels One through Eight, numbers nearly 80 competitors, and has had several state championships to its credit.

Laurel has an associate degree in Interior Design from the Art Institute in Dallas and an associate degree in Business Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management.  Besides managing the business, she also does screen-printing, embroidery and jewel work on the program attire for the students and parents (in her spare? time) at home.  Laurel has also qualified to judge USAG competitive levels one - through nine.

Laurel is the daughter of Sheryl Zimmerman and mother to 25-year old Tori, and to 21-year old Madi, who did gymnastics for sixteen years at HnP and was a Level Nine gymnast with the Jax Gym competitive team when she graduated from high school.  Madi is now in her third year at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville.  Ms. Laurel is also grandmother to Tori's son Wryatt who was born in mid-June, 2016.

Sara Heil - 2019 Team Coach

Coach Laurel and daughter, Level Nine Madi at last meet after sixteen years of gymnastics - a bittersweet moment!

It's really difficult to get Coach Stacy to pose for a picture.  She is shown here with Coaches Jenna and Kayla several years ago.

Under Construction

Coaches shown here are Stacy, Julia, Sara and Jenna - taken at gymnastics Revue 2019.

Laurel - Spring 2019

Coach Stacy is shown here with her Jax Gym Xcel Platinum Team at Xcel National Competition July, 2018.

Jenna is shown here at right at 2018 Jax Gym Competitive Summer Camp with Taylor Johnson, former Jax Gym Level 10 Gymnast

Kaylan James - 2019 Level Two Gymnastics Coach

Coach Stacy will continue to coach Xcel gymnastics, Levels Gold, Diamond and Platinum   She is also teaching pre-school classes on Tuesday mornings

Kaylan competed gymnastics through Level Six.  She started coaching as a gymnastics camp counselor and coach in 2007.  She coached competitive gymnastices through Level Eight, as well as recreational cheer, tumbling and gymnastics.


Coach Kaylan is from Mississippi where she was a police officer.  She competed in Miss Mississippi as Miss Mississippi Delta Community College in 2014 and Ms Southern Grace in 2016.  She has served in the Air Force Reserve as a Medic.  She is currently in nursing school at UALR.  


Kaylan is married and has two young sons.  Coach Kaylan coached silver xcel gymnasts last year and is coaching Level Two gymnasts this year.  

Lois Overholser - 2019  Coach Level Four Gymnasts

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