Dena - sorry but all the trees and bushes need to be trimmed back - beds need to be cleaned up - new  bed made for crepe on right side of house -I just can't get out back to work. Blueberry bushes need to be planted.  All the pots are out of the garage but don't know where any of them are - they need to be placed.  I really pulled the muscles in my back this past week with a bad coughing spell and right now I can't do anything - and I seem to have lost my get-up-and go this year.  Appreciate you and the guys so much - please let me know when you can come - 501-941-1329 or 501 519-3390 (call or text) or e-mail me or get in touch with Laurel or the gym to let me know to get back in touch with you.  Thanks so much.


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