"I Look to You"

Josie Epperson, Aubrey Hague, Hayes McMahan, 

Lianna Overholser, Lily Overholser, Kaylee Pelkey


Lindsay Hague

"Wanna Be Down"

Chandler Dean and Myla McGhee


"Best Shot" 

Tori Kiser

"Dance of the Little Swans"

Josie Epperson, Aubrey Hague, Landree Malloy, HayesMcMahan, Lianna Overholser, 

Lily Overholser, Kaylee Pelkey


Chandler Dean



"Such a Night"

Trent Armstrong




Josie Epperson, Aubrey Hague, 

Hayes McMahan, Lianna Overholser,

Lily Overholser, Kaylee Pelkey



2021 Recital - Jacksonville Dance Company Showcase "Let's Celebrate"

"You'll Be in My Heart"

Mira Fischer, Landree Malloy,

Leah Miller, Caia Sharp




"Just Wanna Celebrate"

Mae Armstrong, Trent Armstrong, Rai Buillock, Jaiden Clifton, Chandler Dean, Josie Epperson, Mira Fischer, Aubrey Hague, Lauryn Hague,

Lindsay Hague, Tori Kiser, Landree Malloy, Myla McGhee, Hayes McMahan, Kyilie McNutt, Leah Miller, Lianna Overholser, Lily Overholser,

Kaylee Pelkey, Keanna Phelps, Caia Sharp, Adaline Trent, Raquelle Williams, Zuhriina Williams

"Get Your Sparkle On"


Adaline Trent and Zuhrina Williams



"Feel My Love"

Tori Kiser and Lily Overholser



Mae Armstrong



"Head Above Water"

Aubrey Hague

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