I took this picture from Facebook and I just had to post it here in our article.  This photo expresses so clearly the adoration and love that the younger dancers hold for the older dancers and the respect that the older dancers have for the younger dancers.  Mae also is  assistant coach for young team gymnasts and they love her so much - she is so genuine with all of the youngsters.

Jacksonville Dance Company - your futures are so bright - we could not be more proud of you and your inspirational leaders --Ms. Lois, Ms. Rachel and Mr. Kristof.  They are the best and we look forward to more competitions in the future. Oh, by the way, JDC was competing against 31 other dance studios from Arkansas and Missouri and nearly 750 performances competed.  And another by the way, were you all aware that our very own Ms. Lois and Ms. Rachel judged at a regional dance competition last week.  Coach Laurel has been judging gymnastics for the past two years and this year qualified to judge Level Ten.  We are really coming up in dance and gymnastics.  Judging dance seems like it would be particularly hard and I am so pleased that Ms. Lois and Ms. Rachel are respected so much in the dance field to be asked to judge.

Performing Competitive Tap to "Rhythm Nation" were Mae Armstrong, Chandler Dean, Tori Kiser, Myla McGhee and Keanna Phelps.  The dancers were awarded a Double Diamond.

Photo Winner photos will be posted early this week - I will try to post thse pictures here.  Again, we were so proud of our dancers and that JDC once again won the Studio Technique Award.  

Competing Lyrical in the 15-16 Competitive Category to "Waves" were Mae Armstrong, Chandler Dean, Lauryn Hague, Lindsay Hague, Tori Kiser, Myla McGhee and Keanna Phelps.  These performers were awarded a Double Diamond and placed Fourth in the Overall.  This was such a beautiful performance  with their blue skirts flowing and circling - especially due to the grace and techique of these wonderful dancers.

Competing tap in the Competive Duet Category were Chandler Dean and Myla McGhee.  These dancers have performing tap duets together for about three years or longer and have won national titles for their tap.  They are tapping to "Wanna Be Down"  and they received a Double Diamond, received a Judge Choice Award of "Rockstar Hoofers."  They not only placed First Overall but their performance won the Choreography Award.  Their tap performance was choreograhed by Sydney Kneuven.

Competing Small Group Competitive, ages 15-16, and performing in the Jazz Category to "My Discarded Men" and winning a Double Diamond were Mae Armstrong, Chandler Dean, Lauryn Hague, Lindsay Hague, Tori Kiser, Myla McGhee and Keanna Phelps.

Competing in 15-16 Small Group Competitive in the Contemporary Category and winning a Double Diamond and placing Tenth Overall, were Mae Armstrong, Chandler Dean, Lindsay Hague, Tori Kiser and Myla McGhee.  The dancers performed to "White Flag."

Competing in the Contemporary Category to "Water" were Tori Kiser and Myla McGhee.  The dancers received a Double Diamond, the Category Cup for Competitive level Contemporary, and placed Second Overall.

Competing in the 11 - 14 Open Category Duet to "Feel My Love" were Tori Kiser and Lily Overholser.

The performers received a Double Diamond and Third Place Overall.  They also received an Award for  Choreography for the performance, which was choreographed by Casia Basia.

The following performances were competed in the age 15-16 Competitive Duet/Trio or Small Group (nine and under performers) Category.

Competing in the Competitive Category, ages 11-12, The Hague Sisters--Aubrey, Lauryn and Lindsay--performed in the Open Category to "Do You Want to Build a Snowman."  They were awarded a Double Diamond and placed Second in the Overall.

Competing  Lyrical in the 11 - 14 age Novice Cate-gory were Jaidyn Clifton, Kylie McNutt and Raquelle Williams.  These dancers performed to "The Voice Within" and were awarded a Diamond and Second Place Overall.

Early start and late finish on Sunday

Competing Lyrical in the 13-14 age Competitive Trio were Mae Armstrong, Lauryn Hague and Liindsay Hague.  The performers received a Diamond, a Judges Choice Award of "All the Right Moves" and placed Seventh Overall.

Sunday - Fourth Day of Talent on Parade Regional Competition at Branson

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