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Ariana won First-Place Individual All Around for her age bracket.

Top Honors (first - fifth) earned by the Jax Gym Xcel Gold gymnasts follow:

Name Vault Bars Beam Floor All-Around
Virginia FourthT Second Third Second Third
Ariana ThirdT   First Third First
Aryonna First        
Grayson Second Fourth   First Second T


Kensley won First-Place Individual All-Around for her age bracket.

Noah Grace won First-Place Individual All-Around for her age bracket.

Jax Gym Xcel Gold gymnasts competed in the Saturday noontime session.  Competing gymnasts, coached by Coach Stacy, were  Virginia Chestnutt, Ariana Cruz, Lily Fields, Aryonna Ford and Grayson Thomas.

Top Honors, first - fifth,  earned by the Jax Gym Level Three Gymnasts follow:

Name Vault Bars Beam Floor All-Around
Kensley Second FirstT Second First First
Danica Fourth Fifth Third Second Second
NoahGrace FourthT SecondT Second FirstT First
Adalyn   Fourth      
Magenta FourthT   Third Fifth  
Presley   Fourth      


Jax Gym Competes at Walk the Plank Competition -


Feb 12-13-14


Jacksonville Gymnastics (Jax Gym), Levels One through Nine and Xcel Gold, Platinum and Diamond, competed this weekend at the Walk the Plank Competition hosted by Pinnacle Gymnastics of Sheridan.  This yearly meet is usually held in Sheridan but this year was held at the Convention Center in Pine Bluff.  Gymnasts from over 20 teams competed at this meet.  Teams were from Louisiana and Tennessee as well as Arkansas.  The meet started Friday early afternoon and completed Sunday afternoon.  Jacksonville gymnasts were able to be home before the snow started.

Jax Gym Level One Team competed in the Friday 2:00 session.  Competing in this session were eight of the ten-member team - these competing gymnasts, ages four to six and coached by Coaches Lynn, Lois and Elizabeth, were Hannah Brune, Morgan Cantrell, Fallon Madding, Landree Malloy, De'Ryah Smith, Adaline Trent, McKinley Varner and Conlee Wainscott.  These gymnasts may be our  very youngest but they are a hard-working group and the won the First-Place Team banner.

Gabrielle won First-Place Individual All-Around for her age bracket

Hanlee won First-Place Individual All-Around for her age bracket

Jax Gym Level Three gymnasts competed in the early Saturday morning (8:00) with gymnasts from five other large teams.  The following gymnasts, coached by Coach Tori, competed:    Hayden Black, Presley Burns, Addyson Craven, Danica DeLaMater, Magenta Dickerson, Kensley Hayden, Daisy McCuin, Isabella Ortega, Adalyn Palmer and Noah Grace Williams.  

Jax Gym Level Two Gym won the Second-Place Team Banner.

Top Honors, first through fifth, for the Level Two gymnasts follow:

Name Vault Bars Beam Floor All-Around
MacieK ThirdT Fourth   First ThirdT
Anna   SecondT Fifth    
Gabrielle First First FirstT FourthT First
Analina     Fourth Fifth  
Avarey     Fifth ThirdT Fifth
DeVine       Third  
Hanlee First   First First First
Lillian Fifth Fourth Third   Fifth
Juniper Second        
Riley   FourthT     Fifth
Emerson First Second Second Second Second
Sophia ThirdT Third Third First Third


Conlee won First-Place Individual All-Around for her age bracket

Fallon won First-Place Individual All Around for her age bracket.

Morgan won First-Place Individual 

All-Around for her age bracket

Competion for Level Two gymnasts began at 6:00 Friday evening.   Jax Gymnasts, coached by Coaches Lois, Lynn and Mae, competed against gymnasts from eight other teams.  Jax Gym Level Two gymnasts competing in this session, who range in age from five to nine,  are Hanlee Bridges, Gabrielle Davis, Kennady Eaton, DeVine Givens, Analina Gurrola, Riley Miller, Anna Mullen, Emerson Orman, Lillian Ortega, Juniper Scott-Hampton, Macie Kate Weatherford and Sophia Williams.  

Name Vault Bars Beam Floor All-Around
McKinley First Third Fourth Third Second
Conlee Second SecondT Second First First
Hannah First Fifth Fifth Third Fourth
Da'Ryah SecondT Fourth Third ThirdT Second
Fallon First First First First First
Landree Fourth Fifth Second FourthT Third
Morgan First First Second SecondT First


Top Five Honors for the Level One Gymnasts follow: (names are as I have them by age and by first name alphabetically.  (I know this seems nuts but I've been doing it this way for the many years that I attended the meets and got the placements,  etc. when they were calling off the names so quickly it was difficult to get them found on my sheets and written down.  Have just continued this for years.   So, now you know.

It just occurred to me that I have not this year explained the scoring.  Each gymnast's four events are totaled and that is how First-Place Individual All-Around scores are found.  Team scores are found by taking the top three scores of a team for each event and those four scores are then totaled for the team scores.

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