2021_HnP - Christmas - Cabot dancers with littleest and puppy and J  J
2021_HnP - Christmas - Cabot Parade - Gymnasts and Dancers 2
2021_HnP - Christmas - Cabot - another shot from rear - gorgeous

Before the parade - our kids believe in having fun!

Huff 'n Puff, Jacksonville Dancers, Jacksonville Gymnasts make a Big


Splash in Cabot Christmas Parade - first time for HnP to participate.

Huff 'n Puff recreational dancers, gymnasts and ninja students, along with JDC dancers and Jax Gym Competitive Gymnasts, participated in the 5:00 Cabot parade - just about as the lights turned on for the evening.  The students rode in the Christmas decorated trailers with lighted fun friends in each of their floats.  The students did not perform in this parade.  Jax Gymnasts, Levels Three, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine and Xcel silver and gold gymnasts were competing in Hot Springs meet, so most of them were unable to participate in the parade, and we had two staff graduations from UCA Saturday as well (both have been with us since they are very young, not that we are not proud - ha!) but in spite of that, Huff 'n Puff was very well represented and made a good showing in the parade.  Two of tThe Huff 'n Puff vans were in the parade also - they are such good advertisement for Huff 'n Puff and our programs.

Coach Jay took a lot of pictures and I'm going to post some of these pictures - you can see from the faces of the kids that they were enjoying themselves.  Between the two parades - Jacksonville last week and Cabot this week - I think the kids had a lot of fun!  We were lucky that we had good weather for both parades and it was fun to get back to "old times" again - we were happy to have everyone represent our business and support our cities.  Thank you staff and parents for all your support of our wonderful business.  We like to think that we are doing something to support our cities.

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