Actually, the day is backward starting with Laurel picking me up, and then we went to Tori and Keith's and Madi met us there and Wryatt got to enoy his Easter basket with his "slime" which stuck to everything!  But, he was good about not eating his chocolate candy.  We then left in Laurel's car to go see the dinosaurs - and these are not in order either - just as they are coming up on my photo site.  It was so much fun because Wryat could tell us what each of "these bad boys" were before we got to their signs and announcements.

Sorry - these last two were not dinosaurs in the park!

Life in the dinosaur egg was not Wryatt's idea of a good time.  

I know that I am really biased but Tori and Keith and Wryatt are a really good-looking family.  Keith and Tori just this past week celebrated their first date together five years ago.

Well - we tried - I completely forgotto take off myglasses - Laurel finally gave up and put hers on and Madi just couldn't face it - looks like there was actually some shade but we didnt't seem to find it.

I don't think any of these were posed - Keith was just snapping - We ask for a redo!  Maybe at Madi's graduation?

I was very disappointed that I didn't get a picture of Laurel and the girls together - Guess by this time we were all too tired to think clearly - could have been from enjoying the hospitality of Chui's! And the bright sun.  I must be feeling very sentimental today but I also think I have the prettiest granddaughters along with their mother. My third beautiful granddaughter was busy in Memphis getting ready for her move to Houston to work on her fellowship with Baylor Medical  College to further her education in her field of medicine in pediatric gastroenterology.  She will be doing her practice at Texas Children's hospital, which is the largest children's hospital in the nation.  And my fourth grandchild Richard and his wife Jenna are in Fayetteville, AR where he is working as a CPA.  How did I ever get so lucky in life to have my three best children, Lang, Mark and Laurel and then these granchildren and Wryatt.  I'm definitely getting older (quickly) but life is good - and John T. and I just celebrated 30 years together!

2021 - Family Easter - Dinosaurs and Food

These family photos were taken after we'd spent a good hour or so driving thru the dinosaur park and then food and drinks at Chui's and after Wryatt was very tired and not ver cooperative - he'd tried to fall asleep several times during the afternoon.  Tori and Keith were sunburned from taking Wryatt to the zoo on Saturday and Madi had driven down late Saturday evening from Fayetteville to help Sara celebrate her birthday, Larry was in Dallas for another two weeks and John John just didn't feel up to getting out.  We had all enjoyed the dinosaurs - Wryatt, of course, knew more about them than we could hear on the recorded scripts for each one, but surprisingly enough, he didn't want to even stick his head out of the window as he seemed to be scared or in awe of them.  I'm not sure that we explained to him completely enough that they were just models, not real dinosaurs.  But we did enjoy the tour - even for the price!

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