Laurel, Keith,Tori, Papa and I (Larry was working on his race car) made plans to meet at IHOP in Cabot for supper -imagine our surprise when Laurel and I were getting ready to go in and say "seating for six" and Madi and Jordan jumped out at us and surprised us.  So it was seating for eight and we absolutely froze to death.  After we ate, we went to the gym and played for over an hour and Wryatt had the best time, running on the rod floor and racing Jordan and playing on the trampoline and jumping into the pit and jumping on the big trampoline back there in the cheer gym (no longer cheer gym but I can't quit calling it that (and scaring his great grandma to death because he was absolutely reckless on it -he's so used to being on it that he has no fear. )  Seems like I already wrote about this but can't remember where - see what happens when you pass year sixty!!!  We had a short but great time down there and had a bet as to who could do more pullups, Tori, Keith or Jordan.  Tori was quite good on them, she swore that Keith was not going all the way down and Jordan did 7 chinups but Tori did okay!  She is so competitive!!!  Anyway, it was a lot of fun - we hadn't done anything like that in a long time.  

Spring, 2021,

I think; this is my beautiful great grandson Wryatt

Mother's Day 2021 - Mark and me - after he brought us loads of goodies from "Me and McGee"

And other family pictures from other holidays or get-togethers.

Keith, Tori and tired Wryatt - Easter Day after going to see the Dinos.

I call this big boy my service bunny - he's five and half years old - he's Poopsi, Senor Poopsi or Sir Poopsalot!  This, of course, is not his room but our dining room where I let him roam and he and I run around the dining room table.  Don't know if its more exercise for him or for me.

I'm so biased but isn't this a beautiful family - Wryatt is so smart and Tori and Keith are great parents.  (We don't spoil him at all! - the grandparents, that is.  Wryatt has grandparents and great grandparents on both sides of the family.)

Madi - I can't remember when this was taken - not too long ago, tho.  I just thought it was a great picture of you.

Ths was a really cute picture of Tori and Keith taken by a good friend of Tori's who does professional photography - think the ones above were taken by Morgan, also.  She also took the pictures of Madi for her graduation pictures.

See - the other members of our family! Think this was Tori's birthday and I wanted to include it because Laurel has gotten into baking and decorating cakes!  We had gotten her that big mixer deal for Christmas and she has been using it - that may have been two years ago because she also made Wryatt's June birthday cake, also.

This a picture of L. and S. - and if I remember correctly, was taken on a trip of theirs to New Orleans.  They travel a lot and enjoy life to the fullest.  

This is Laurel, Madi, Tori and me on Easter Day - sun was so bright at Chuy's.  Wryatt just would not pose for any of these pictures.

Tommy and Sandi and Tori and Keith.  They are as good-looking couple, too, and are parents of almost four-year old (June 13,) Wryatt.  This photo below was taken Mother's Day, 2020.

We took these on Madi's windy balcony before the graduation ceremony

Tori seems to be checking out the menu!

Sara and Jenna are not only like daughters from other mothers, but they are coaches at the gym and are indispensable.  Not only do they coach Levels Four and Six with Laurel, but you should see what they did at the gym last summer while we were facing covid.  What a fantastic job they did with revonating the upstairs staff room and bathrooms.  They are the greatest young ladies!

Papa and I are shown below.  Leave it to my  sharp-eyed son to point out to me in the smallest pictures that Mom's lipstick was blotched!  

Two of my three beautiful granddaughters.  How did one mother be so lucky to adopt three fantastic kids and end up with three beautiful, very smart granddaughters and a very smart grandson and just as smart wife. And then to add Wryatt to the picture - am I ever one very lucky person.  I know how fortunate I am to have lived the lucky life that I have.  And we need to add Keith to the mixture, too - what a great daddy he is.  And I'm just now realizing that Laurel, Tori, Madi and I are fortunate to have men who will put up with four strong-willed women.

Richard and I were married for 30 years before he passed away and now John John and I have been together 30 years and I'm hoping for at least five or more years together.  He definitely spoils me, and what fun we've had together over the years - between years of dancing, water skiing and houseboating.  Just hate it that we have gotten old too soon.

It's ALWAYS a party when Larry is around

I took this picture of Jordan before Laurel, Larry, Tommy, Sandi, Papa and I left for graduation.  Madi only had six tickets for graduation.  Her graduation was held at Barnhill Arena - we wore masks, walked in - found a seat - they called out the names of the graduates and Madi was about 30th to 40th and they asked the graduates and their families to leave the area upon receiving their diploma so we were probably only in the arena for about 30 minutes.  We all met outside and then left to go eat at Torchy's and most of these next pictures were taken there.  Food was good and we had a good time there and headed back to Madi's apartment.


Jordan is a baseball catcher and he was hired for summer by the Houston Astros for a farm team - he will be playing in Roswell NM for the Roswell Invaders and I've warned him that as much as I love New Mexico - there's not whole lot be excited about Roswell.  I had talked to Jordan on the phone a couple of times, but this was the first time for any of us to meet him - I should have trusted Madi's judgment because he seems to be a really good guy and fits right in with our crazy crew!  (if you can't tell by the picture above, he is 6'4".


We were talking about it yesterday regarding college degrees on the Zimmerman side of the family - Richard had a Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering (which of course he never used for career) - don't know if you could minor in ROTC or not but he was the wing commander of the NMSU AF ROTC program - he attained several master's degrees through the Air Force, but I imagine they were in management, but I honestly don't know.  I only had two years of college between night school and the fullyear that I went, after obtaining my careeer civil service status and going full time- majoring in Foreign Languages (spanish) but never got very far with my Spanish - about as far as Texas Tech when we left NMSU for Richard to go to pilot training at Reese AFB, Lubbock.  I dropped the summer courses, using the adoption of Lang as a good excuse!!!  Lang has his degree in Computer Engineering from U of A and was later honored as a Distinguished Graduate in the program.  Sloane, of course, has several degrees - graduated from Hendrix, at Conway, then UAMS Little Rock (medicine )- and residency at LeBoneur, Memphis and now has her fellowship to Baylor in Houston.  Richard has his degree in Accounting and passed the CPA.  Think Jenna, his wife got her master's degree in Education.  Tommy (Tori and Madi's daddy) got his degree in Optometry.  Laurel has two associate degrees - one in Interior design and one in Business (I think) and Tori has many college hours - enough to be almost a senior - has a fitness certification (to instruct others) and is licensed real estate realtor and best of all being Mommy to Wryatt and coaching young team kids a Jax Gym.  Along with Laurel managing Huff'n Puff and being over Jax Gym (and coaching those advanced kids) and JDC and being over all those kids (and dealing with their parents) at Huff 'n Puff, she might as well have a doctorate in personnel management - ha!  And now, Madi, our youngest in the family (other than Wryatt and we all know how smart he is) has received her degree in Fashion Design and Merchandising from the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville.  She is thinking about a Master's Degree in Fashion, but that has not been decided yet.

Below are some of the pictures taken at Madi's graduation at U of A, Fayetteville, along with some pictures taken on Mother's Day.


Madi, Laurel and Larry - Madi's Graduation Day from U of A, Fayetteville, in Fashion

Madi and her dad Tommy

Madi and Sandi

Tori and Madi are shown here on Madi's graduation day from the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville,  with a bachelor's degree in fashion.  Madi and proud Mama Laurel are to the right.

Who is most proud in  this family - Grand-mother Sheryl  or Magra,  as I've been called since Tori was old enough to talk, or Papa.  It's really hard to tell because we are so proud of both Tori and Madi.

Sara and Madi have been friends since probably four years old and Jenna a few years after that.  Just need Makenzie here too but she was busy receiving her degree in nursing.


Jordan and I are in this picture to the right.  What great support these best friends have shown for Madi!

Madi  - Cabot High School Graduation at Alltel Arena - color is off - actually red!

Richard and me at Lang's rehearsal dinner - 1984.

Richard, Sheryl, Lang and Mark about 1968-69.

Christmas, 2020 - Mark didn't join us due to Covid.  Didn't know it at the time but this was our last holiday at Laurel and Larry's - I will really miss this wonderful house for our family get-togethers.

Mark is either very tall at 6'5" or I'm very short these days at just maybe five feet - Amazing how we shrink as we get older - ugh!  Think this was Christmas even though no decorations-- even little statues on the mantle.

This is Cole Smith - Melissa and Bryan's oldest son in his senior picture - Elaine and Jeff's second grandson - Dylan , Sam and Angela's son, is older and a lawyer now.   Cole looks like a young movie star to me.  He is going to college in Sep in Texas.

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