2021 - Family Christmas at Tori's House


Laurel and Larry sold their big house in Greystone this summer and we were able to hold our family Christmas at Tori's House in Sherwood.  We had a great day that started about 9:00 Christmas morning.  Laurel and Larry, Mark, Madi, Tori, Wryatt, Papa and I were there.  Mark had brought his wonderful breakfast casserole which was enjoyed by all of us.  Wryatt has been up late the night before and he actually had to be awakened and he went non-stop all day long.  Without me saying,  he is such a joy to all of us.  He seemed to be feeling well and was such fun!  We had a great day.  Tori had prepared a wonderful                                tray and Mark fixed the best prime rib roast, twice baked potatoes and green bean casserole. I didn't get the pineapple salad fixed - but we managed without it.  I did make the mini apple banana muffins and a very flop of my wonderful banana cake with caramel icing.  Never had a flop before but I did this time because I overbaked it!   We all had a wonderful day!  Our good friend Sara came before dinner and became my camera man!  Laurel took the first ones!

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