JDC and HnP older dancers were awarded the First -Place Performance award for nine-and-above category.   Fewer performers were dancing due to a competition being held this same weekend in Branson.


Dancers are shown here as they prepare to begin the parade.  Thank you parents for such a good turnout.  

On this very pretty float were mostly gymnasts with a few other students, as well.  Don't they look great!  Coaches Madison and Kristina are shown here as well.

Shown here on this trailer were some of the Jax gymnasts along with some of the Ninja students.  We really appreciated the support of the entire gym, staff and parents.  I thought the decorations on the trailers were outstanding!

Staff member - Jaimee Hall - dance instructor and Mae Armstrong, assistant Coach  Level One and Two and All-around good buddy to all these kids and dancers.  We are so fortunate to have such great staff members - coudn't do it without them.  Many of our students were at a gymnastics competition, while others were at a dance competition in Branson.  This is Jaimee's second year to teach after having been in dance classes at HnP and JDC for many years.  It is such a great feeling when your students are so well prepared to teach for us.  Mae has been in dance since she was three and I'm not sure how long in gymnastiics, but she is still competing on the team.

Staff member Jackie Cross and grandmother to Lianna O. (daughter of Ms. Lois) is shown here with her contagious smile.  Jackie has worked at HnP for over ten years now and her daughter Amanda, now married, was a dance student and in JDC for a number of years.  We keep saying, it's a family affair.  By the way, Ms. Lois   came to us when she was in the seventh grade and has been with us ever since - she was on Laurel's first competitive gymnastics team and also her first competitive dance company.  Ms. Rachel grew up with us also - we are so grateful to have such wonderful support from our staff members and parents.

Mae is shown here with one of our very younest dancers - they all love Mae!

These are three of our happiest and proud Jax Gymnastics team gymnasts just love  being on team.  The mother of the middle gymnast was also one of our first higher level gymasts competing at several regional competitions and placing in the top ten.  I'm referring to  Kelsey Lerner Hayden who also  coaches Ninja at Hnp.

These two dancers com-pete not only with JDC but  are  also competive gymnasts with JAX.

Staff Members Jackie York and Johnette Osbon.  Such hard-working ladies.  Jackie has been on staff for 21 years - her daughter Stephanie and son Michael grew up at Huff 'n Puff.  Michael still comes down from Kansas City every year to help Coach Laurel and work at our annual Emerald Classic large gymnastics meet (one of the largest held in the state.)

On the left is Johnette - another very hard-working staff worker.  Johnette is also known as Coach Jay as she coaches Ninja students.  Johnette is in about her third or fourth year working here at HnP.  She had worked for Laurel for several years before.  Johnette helped Laurel with these over 168 parade t-shirts.

Couldn't tell whether this was before or after the parade - whichever, it was fun day for them.  Huff 'n Puff will participate in the Cabot Christmas parade this weekend - hoping the weather will cooperate!

Jacksonville Parade - 2021 - Hnp Dancers Win

The day wasn't exactly pretty but spirits were high as over 150 Huff 'n Puff kids and parents participated in the 2021 Jacksonville Christmas parade which was held Saturday, December 4th at 3:00.  Representing Huff 'n Puff were recreational and competitive dancers and gymnasts, along with preschoolers and Ninja students and parents, who walked and rode in the parade in the three decorated trailers.   Huff 'n Puff looked really good in the parade and it was fun participating once again (and I think the parents and kids enjoyed the parade being held again in the afternoon. ) Huff 'n Puff has been parcipating in the Jacksonville Christmas parade for a least 39-40 years and this year's parade seemed like old times!



Dancers from JDC and recreational classes participated in the judging of the performances.  HnP had dancers in both the eight-and-under age category and nine-and-above and they proudly won both categories, which, of course, made all of us very proud.  Older Dancers also featured tumbling within their dance.  We have this group picture of the older group but don't seem to have any of the younger group with more dancers.   Pictures of the trailers and kids are shown below.

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