Savannah White won the Arkansas State Championship for her age bracket.  Congratulations, Savannah - we're so proud of you.

Top five honors for the Jax Gym Level Four second session gymnasts follow:

Name Vault Bars Beam Floor All-Around
Kiersten Fourth     ThirdTie Fifth
Noelle SecondT   Fifth ThirdTie Fourth
Joslyn   Second   Fifth  
Laila SecondT Fifth      
Lily First Second     Second
Jaeden Third First     Third
Savanna Second FourthT Third First First


Congratulations Level Four Gymnasts and Coaches, Sara, Jenna and Laurel!

The Jax Gym Level Six Team competed in the last two sessions of the Arkansas State Meet.  Competing in the Sunday 2:00 session were Juliet Dunlap, Lily Overholser and Brooklyn Theodore.

Jax Gym Levels Four and Six Compete at AR State Meet

Competing in the last session of the Arkansas State Meet were Jax Gym Level Six gymnasts - Parker Brock, Tiffani Dooley and Charlee Smith.  Charlee placed second on vault, second on floor and fourth All-Around. Tiffani place fifth on beam, third on floor and fifth All-Around.  These gymnasts are coached by Sara, Jenna and Laurel.  Level Six is the first level in optionals and is a tough level and we are very proud of our gymnasts.

The Arkansas State Championship Meet ended about 6:30 or 7:00 Sunday night and Laurel had the entire coaching staff in for a two-hour meeting on Monday to set forth what the gym policies and goals are for the new session.  Many of the gymnasts will continue to train as they have been and some (probaby most) will begin working on new skills.  We just want our coaches and staff to know how much we appreciate them and to know how proud we are of our gymnasts and coaches.  I also want to thank our staff members and coaches who were there to assist at the State Meet.  It is a BIG responsibility and so important for the state gymnasts and Dianne and those coaches who assisted her did a great job - and thank you again so much for having the live feed - it was greatly appreciated!!!



Name Vault Bars Beam Floor All-Around
Melaney Third   Fifth Second Third
Aubrey SecondT Second First Second First
Carsyn Fifth        
Brianna Fourth Fourth   Fifth Fifth


Aubrey won the State Championship All-Around for her age bracket.  She is also State Beam Champion for her age bracket.  We are so proud of Aubrey - She went into this meet as a very determined young lady.  She also is a dancer on Jacksonville Dance Company.  Congratulations, Aubrey.

Competing in the second session for Level Four were Laila Bullock, Makaelyn Clifton, Jaeden Cooper, Lily Davis, Kiersten Lewis, Joslyn Roberts, Savanna White and Noelle Zoller.  These gymnasts, along with the other team members who competed in the first session--Brianna Burrel, Aubrey Hague, Carsyn Jones, Kenzie Tawney and Melaney Wallace--won the Fourth-Place Team Award.  Congratulations Jax Gymnasts and Coaches Sara and Jenna and Laurel.

Top Five Honors for the first session for Level Six Follow:

Name Vault Bars Beam Floor All-Around
Lily       Fifth  
Brooklyn FourthT   Third Fourth Fifth


Just a editor's short note here - loved the live streaming so I could watch all of our gymnasts, but I have to say, I really missed Brooklyn's grandmother's great chocolate chip cookies - I bet that Michael (who did such a great job of assisting at the meet) ate my share of the cookies - but you are forgiven, Michael!

Jax Gym is very proud to have three All-Around State Champions with many second-place runnerups and fourteen State Event Champions.

Jax Gym Level Four competed in two sessions.  Competing in the first session beginning Sunday at 8:00 were Brianna Burrel, Aubrey Hague, Carsyn Jones, Kenzie Tawney and Melaney Wallace.  Jax Level Four Top honors (first through fifth) for this session follow.    

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