Gymnasts from the Jax Gym Competitive Team showed off some of their skills between the two shows above.  We appreciate their showing up full out. We caught some photos before they tumbled.

We at Huff 'n Puff have always believed that gymnastics helps develop coordination and strength, and more young boys could benefit from the sport in preparing them for their hand-to-eye coordination, as well as developing more muscle strength, needed for other sports.

2021 - Skills Revue - Preschoolers and Ninjas

The preschooler gymnasts and Ninja students had their skills revue on Thursday night.  And I apologize if I have gymnasts on the wrong night.



Ninja Program students (boys and girls) had a great time showing off their skills for


 their families.  I personally really enjoyed seeing their enthusiasm.  They are led 


by Coach J (Johnette) who has recently been assisted by Coach Kelsey.







Coach Laurel challenged the coaches to see how many of them could still walk across the floor on their hands - Coaches Jenna, Sara, Liz, Tori, Kelsey and Rachel took on the challenge - this is not an easy feat so be really proud of your gymnast when they accomplish this feat.  These coaches and instructors have such an important part of your child's life - teaching more than just skills.  

The gymnastics team levels are taking a break until June 7.  Recreational classes begin Tuesday, June 1.  We hope your child or children will enjoy their summer classes with us.  Many of the schedules will remain the same and you can check them out on jaxgymathnp,com.  

Jax Gymnastics is spelled another way -"Team-and-Self Pride and Camaraderie" seem to just come naturally  to these gymnasts.  They form such close bonds with one another.  This is just an additional benefit in addition to learning their skills.  And we had gymnasts compete this last year who were only four years old.  Jax Gym competes Levels One, Two, Three, Four, Six, Seven, Eight and Nine and Xcel Silver, Gold, Diamond and Platinum. Preteam is also offered.

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