2020_Jax Gym - Spa City Classic - Level Two - Emerson

the Jax Gym Level Four Team proudly won the First-Place Team Award

Melaney First Third Second First First
Aubrey Second     Second Second
Carsyn Third     Third  
Brianna Second First Third Third Second
Kiersten FirstT     SecondT Second
Noelle SecondT   Second ThirdT Third
Laila First Second Third Second First
Lily   First First Third Third
Jaeden Second SecondT S   Third
Savanna First Third Second Third First


Emerson, Level Two Jax Gym, First-Place Individual All-Around Winner for her age bracket

The Level One Team won the Second-Place Team Trophy.  They were dressed out in their brand new team attire -hopefully a group picture next meet.  Some of our gymnasts are as young as four years old and I was told they actually competed against some young teenagers - so we are extra proud of our team's accomplishments!!!


Top Honors (first, second and three) for the Level OneTeam follow:  (I take from my worksheet which is by age and alphabetically first name- have always done so for getting scores, etc. at the meets - now that I'm not able to attend the meets, I guess I could redo my top honors, but for this meet, they will be by age and alphabetically by first name.


McKinley   ThirdT      
Briannalyn   Second      
Conlee Third   Third Second Third
Marleigh First First Second First Second
DaRyah Third   Second    
Fallon First First Third First First
Landree   Second   Second Second
Morgan Second Third First Third Third


Jax Gym Level Two gymnasts competed following the Level One session in mid-morning Friday. The Level Two gymnasts  are coached by Lois and Lynn and are assisted by Elizabeth and Mae.  The Level Two gymnasts are Hanlee Bridges, Gabrielle Davis, Kennady Eaton, DeVine Givens, Analina Gurrola, Kinley Lercher, Riley Miller, Anna Mullen, Emerson Orman, Lillian Ortega, Juniper Scott-Hamilton, Christine Sukup, Anyiah Tenner, Avarey Vannada, Maci Kate Weatherford and Sophia Williams.

Lianna , Level Three Jax Gymnast placed First-Place Individual All-Around winner for her age bracket with a 38.6 score!!!

Jax Gym Level Four gymnasts competed on Saturday and won the First-Place Team Award.  Competing for Jax Gym were Laila Bullock, Brianna Burrel, Makaelyn Clifton, Jaeden Cooper, Lily Davis, Aubrey Hague, Carsyn Jones, Kiersten Lewis, Kenzie Tawney, Melaney Wallace, Savanna White and Noelle Zoller.  Coaches for these gymnasts are Laurel, Sara and Jenna. 

Top Honors (First, Second and Third) for the Level Four gymnasts are shown below.

The Jax Gym Level Two Team won the Third-Place Team Award

Top honors, first, second and third, for the Level Two gymnasts are shown below.  See note for Level One honors as to listing.

MacieKate Second   First  


Anna   Third      
Gabrielle     Second Second  
Anyiah   Second Second Second Second
Avarey       ThirdTie  
Hanlee   First     Third
Kinley     Third SecondTie  
Juniper Second Third Second   Second
Kennady ThirdT First   SecondT Third
Riley     Third    
Emerson First Second First First First


The Jax Gym Level Three Team competed in the Friday early evening session.  The Level Three Team is coached by Tori, who was assisted by Lynn at the meet.  The Level Three Team who competed at the meet were the following gymnasts:  Hayden Black, Presley Burns, Addyson Craven, Danica DeLaMater, Magenta Dickerson, Isabella Ortega, Lianna Overholser, Adalyn Palmer, and Noah Grace Williams.  

The Jax Gym Level Three Team proudly won the First-Place Team Award.

Top Honors (first, second and third) are listed below.

The Jax Gym Level One Team won the Second-Place Team Award

Name Vault Bars Beam Floor All-Around
Lianna First First First First First
Danica     Second Third ThirdTie
NoahGrace     First    
Adalyn     Third    
Addyson Third   Second Second Second
Isabella   Second      
Magenta     Third Third  
Presley Second Second      


Spa City Classic Gymnastics Meet - Dec 11-12-13

Hot Springs Gymnastics hosted its annual Spa City Classic Gymnastics Meet at the Hot Springs Convention Center on Dec 11-12-13, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  About 600 gymnasts competed and due to covid restrictions, each session had to be a bit smaller.  The meet began early Friday morning and ended late Sunday night.  Jacksonville gymnasts were in the first session of the meet and the very last.  The meet restrictions on Friday were rather strict and group photos were not permitted so some of our photos are from our mock meet.



The Jacksonville Gymnastics (Jax Gym) Level One team competed in the 8:00 session on Friday morning under the coaching of Lynn Gast and Lois Overholser and they are assisted by gymnasts Elizabeth and Mae.  Competing in the meet were Hannah Brune, Morgan Cantrell, Fallon Madding, Landree Malloy, Briannalyn Rinks, Marleigh Romes, De'Ryah Smith, Adaline Trent, McKinley Varner, and Conlee Wainscott.

This is a picture of some of the Xcel gymnasts that I have been wanting to use and decided this was a good time.  This is a mixed group of Xcel levels - gold, platinum and one of the diamond gymnasts - other diamond was not available for photo as she was coaching.  This is such a great picture of the Xcel gymnasts!


Top Honors (first, second and third) awarded to the Platinum gymnasts were:

Kaeani ThirdT   Second Second  
Anna     Second First Third
Kenzie       Third  
Mia       Third  


Competing Diamond Level Xcel were Mae Armstrong and Elizabeth Scott.  Top honors (first, second and third) were awarded to them as follows:

Name Vault Bars Beam Floor All-Around
Mae SecondT Second Third Second Third
Elizabeth  First Third First First First


Ariana Cruz and Lily Fields competed Xcel Gold in the final session of the meet.  They did a great job but no scores are available.

The next competition for the Team will be held in early January at the Blues 'n BBQ meet in Memphis.  

The Jax Gym Level Six Team gymnasts proudly won the Second-Place Team Award

Name Vault Bars Beam Floor All-Around
Lily ThirdT   First ThirdT Third
Brooklyn Second Second First   Second
Charlee First Second First   First
Parker Third        
Tiffani     Second   Third


Charlee won the First-Place Individual All-Around Title for her age bracket - no picture of her is available at this time.  It will be posted later

Laila won the First-Place Individual All-Around for her age bracket

Jax Gym Level Six Team, coached by Laurel, Sara and Jenna, won the Second-Place Team Award.  These gymnasts competed a Level Four last season, so great strides were made over the summer-time - in spite of covid restrictions.  Competing were  Parker Brock, Tiffani Dooley, Juliet Dunlap, Lily Overholser, Charlee Smith and Brooklyn Theodore.  We have watched these gymnasts since they were very young and it is such fun to see them progress as they have.

Top Honors (first, second and third) for the Level Six Team follow:

Melaney placed First-Place All-Around for her age bracket.

Savannah won the First-Place Individual All-Around for her age bracket.

Fallon received First-Place Individual All-Around Award for her age bracket.  Congratulations, Fallon.

The Jax Gym Xcel Platinum gymnasts, (all xcel gymnasts are coached by Coach Stacy) were awarded the Second-Place Team award.  Competing Platinum were Kaeani Cruz, Anna Highfill, Kenzie Howerton and Mia Mabry.    

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