2020_Jax Gym - Mock Meet - Level Four

Jax Gym Optionals, Levels Seven, Eight and Nine are shown above.   Competing Level Seven this year are

Kendall Eaves, Emerson Pulley, Reese Ransburgh, Leilani Taylor and Natalie Villegas.  Competing Level Eight are Kylie Belew, Kendyl Bush and Isla-Joy Ramirez.  Competing Level Nine is Sarah Grace Moss.  Unable to compete Saturday though were Kendall, Reese and Isla-Joy.  Coaches for these optional levels are Laurel Adams, Dennis Harris, Sara Heil and Jenna Mecca.

We are so proud of our Level Six Team - well, we are proud of all of our teams, but especially so because these gymnasts were Level Four last spring and over the summer time, they tested out to be Level Six, optional gymnasts.  The gymnasts are Parker Brock, Tiffani Dooley, Juliet Dunlap, Lilian Overholser, Charlee Smith and Brooklyn Theodore.  These gymnasts have been coached by Sara Heil and Jenna Mecca and Laurel Adams for at least the last two years.

The following Level Three gymnasts competed with the Level Two Gymnasts:  Hayden Black, Addyson Craven, Danica  DeLaMater, Magenta Dickerson, Kensley Hayden, Daisey McCuin, Isabella Ortega, Lianna Overholser, Adalyn Palmer, Karsyn Rowlett-Mitchell and Noah Grace Williams.  The Level Three Team is coached by Tori Spears and no photo is available at this point.

Level Four Gymnasts competed in the third session of the day.  Competing were Laila Bullock, Briana Burrell, Makalyn Clifton, Jaeden Cooper, Lily Davis, Aubrey Hague, Carsyn Jones, Kiersten Lewis, Joslyn Roberts, Mackenzie Tawney, Melaney Wallace, Savannah White, and Noelle Zoller.  The Level Four Team is coached by   Sara Heil and Jenna Mecca.

Coaches for the Level Two Gymnasts are Lois Overholser, Lynn Gast, Laurel Adams and assistants, Elizabeth 

Scott and Mae Armstrong.

Coaches for this Level One Team of cuties are Lynn Gast and Lois Overholser.  They are assisted by Elizabeth Scott and Mae Armstrong.

Levels Two and Three competed in the afternoon session.  Level Two competing gymnasts were Hanlee Bridges, Gabrelle Davis, Kennady Eaton, DeVine Givens, Analina Gurrola, Kinley Lercher, Riley Miller, Anna Mullen, Emerson Orman, Lillian Ortega, Juniper Scott-Hamilton, Christina Sukup, Anyiah Tanner, Averey Vannada and Macie Kate Weatherford.

2020 - Jax Gym - Mock Meet - all levels - fun day!

Jacksonville Gymnastics Competitive Team, which is located at Huff 'n Puff, met Saturday in four sessions to compete before USAG sanctioned judges.  This meet is held yearly before the actual competitive season begins and gives the gymnasts, their coaches and parents an idea as to where the gymnasts stand.  This meet gives the gymnasts the opportunity perform their skills before the judges and a crowd of people.  It is a non-competitive meet and is a lot of fun for the gymnasts (as well as for the audience.)

Competing their skills were the following Level One Gymnasts, who range in age from four to six:   Hannah Brune, Morgan Cantrell, Fallon Madding, Landree Malloy, Briannalyn Rinks, Marleigh Romes, Da"Ryah Smith, Adaline Trent, McKinley Varner and Conlee Wainscott.  The Level One gymnasts were initiated in the Mock Meet as they competed in the first session which began at 8:00 a.m.

Competing Xcel Platinum were Kaeani Cruz, Ana Highfill, Kenzie Howerton, Mia Mabry and Kensley Rickett.  Competing Xcel Diamond were Mae Armstrong and Elizabeth Scott.  The xcel gymnasts are coached by Coach Stacy Person.

Coaches for the Jax Gym Competitive Team are shown here.  From left to right are Asst Coach Elizabeth Scott, Coaches Lynn Gast, Lois Overholser, Jenna Mecca, Sara Heil, Laurel Adams (who was judging Saturday) Stacy Person, Dennis Harris and Asst Coach Mae Armstrong.

The first competition of the season will be held mid-December at the Spa City Competition held at the Hot Springs Convention Center.

Competing in this same session were the following  Xcel Gold Gymnasts:  Virginia Chestnutt, Ariana Cruz, Lily Fields, Aryonna Ford and Grayson Thomas.  The Xcel gymnasts are coached by Stacy Person.

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