Think these were taken about my birthday in October - I had bought Wryatt three floor puzzles and they are fun to put together - this was first time.  He has to get on table at their house and he's good at putting them together.

2020 Family Christmas Photos plus a few extra

Laurel had made this cake and decorated for Tori's birthday.  She had made several cakes this year for different occasions and had decorated them quite fancifully and has gotten quite good at it - and I thought that big mixer we got her last year would just be setting there unused.  Oh yeee, Mom, of little faith!  

Sorry - if we're going to take pics at my house, we should clean up a bit first - left to right - Madi, Sara and Jenna - Tori's birthday with special birthday cake that Laurel had made.  Laurel, Larry and the girls had been at the lake but Tori, Wryatt, Keith and I had been here at our pool.  (Aug 2020)

These were four separate pictures but the pairs look almost similar.  These were taken Thanksgiving break before Madi went back to school.  One more semester, y'all!

The Three Amigos in their Christmas attire - Eden, Ellie and Eddy

Poopsi -in one of his favorite places - I have yet to figure out what he looks at under the buffet but he spend a lot of time looking.  And then his other favorite place is under Papa's heating back place in front of window.  Other picture, he has gotten tired and is going back home to his cage and more food.

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