2020_Christmas - Madi and Wryatt - swinging in circle

You can easily tell who was the center of attention of the day!  Wryatt loved to play with all of us but he would also go off and play very quietly by himself for long periods of time.

"Big Papa" loves to tease Wryatt and I caught this on camera.  Wryatt is so fast, he is difficult to photograph with my camera - I should set it on three shots at a time and I could get more of those cute expressions.  Help, Angela - I need your advice - ha!

The tree and red and white packages and stockings were all by Laurel - still don't know how she found the time with her busy schedule.  We each had our own design for our packages.

2020 - Family Christmas 

Christmas morning 2020 was a bit different than years past.  Mark could not attend but the rest of us chanced it and hope for the best.  John John and I arrived at Laurel and Larry's about 9:45 and Tori, Keith and Wryatt arrived about 30 minutes later.

Since Mark couldn't be there, Laurel took over the cooking responsibilities and it reminds me of when JT and I were living with Mom to help her out and we had Madi with us and Mom fixed herself a piece of toast and Madi's comment was "Her can cook?"

Well, Laurel can cook and it was delicious (with Mark's recipes told to her).  She made a delicious breakfast sausage and egg casserole for breakfast, and she made the Mark's green bean casserole and she and Larry roasted a delicious standing rib roast so along with my pineapple salad, olives, rolls and cranberry sauce, and apple-banana mini-muffins and banana cake, and Mark's donated 26 twice-baked potatoes, (yummy) we had our traditional Christmas day feast -oh and the Boursin cheese and crackers.

The day revolved around Wryatt, of course, and he didn't stop all day long.  Tori, Keith, Wryatt and Madi left mid-afternoon to go to Tommy's house and Wryatt was just as wound up when he got back.  But for all his exuberance, he does know how to also play quietly by himself, also.  I am posting pictures and most need no explanation - it was a wonderful day and we hope that all our relatives had as wonderful a day.

All right,Jackie Cross, when Wryatt goes to school and tells his teacher that he got a poop sounder, we're going to also tell him to say that Ms. Jackie thought he should have this sound machine!!!  Like all little boys, he thought it was great and funny as all get out!

Family (yearly) posed pictures are posted on the next page. I am sorry that I didn't get any of the cook in the kitchen but she took over a hard job and Mark would be quite proud of her.  Everything was wonderful!

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