2020_Family - Tori, Wryatt at lake - June 20
2020_Wryatt on Lake neighbors donkey - father's day weekend
2020_Family - Wryatt and girls in our boat - lake father's day weekend

Wryatt and Lala at Papa and Magra's pool the Saturday before Wryatt's birthday.

Wryatt's big day at the lake - the week after his birthday.

Wyratt and Tori and Madi on the boat at Greer's Ferry Lake - miss this boat and all the good times we had on the lake.  John John and are so happy though that the boat is being used for good family times and lots of fun on the lake.

Laurel and Larry's "Wheel Estate" at the lake - just as the fence was finished after a big rain.

Laurel and Shelly - Big Papa Larry was racing

Wryatt was having a good time with Tori on the lake - the Father's Day Saturday.  He thought the lake was wonderful - the pool will be out!

Wryatt's weekend was the best ever - finished up by visitiing the back-door neighbors who raise miniature farm animals.

2020 - Wryatt's Third Birthday Party - at Lala and Big Papa's House in Cabot

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