2020_JDC - Pro Pic - Junior Dancers - ballet
2020_JDC - Pro Pic - R. E. S. P. E. C. T - sr dancers

"Bills" - Junior Tap

Tiffani Dooley, Keanna Phelps

"Little Bitty Pretty One" - Mini Tap

Josie Epperson, Aubrey Hague,

Lianna Overholser, Lily Overholser,

Kaylee Pelkey

"R. E. S. P. E. C. T." - Senior Jazz

Mae Armstrong, Chandler Dean,

Lauryn Hague, Lindsay Hague,

Jaimee Hall, Tori Kiser,

Myla McGhee, Keanna Phelps

The following competitive tap performances were competed in the HnP Studio and professional pictures are shown below.

"Me, Too" - Jazz

Aubrey Hague

 "Uptown Funk" - Jazz

Trent Armstrong, Rai Bullock, Tiffani Dooley, Kylie McNutt

"Uneven Days" - Contemporary Tori Kiser

"Dive in the Pool" - Jazz

 Aubrey Hague,Lianna Overholser,  Lily Overholser, Kaylee Pelkey

"Hope" - Open

Mae Armstrong

"Conga" - Jazz

Keanna Phelps

"The Rose" - Lyrical

Rai Bullock, Tiffani Dooley,

Kylie McNutt,Keanna Phelps

"Ready Set" - Hip Hop

Jaimee Hall



"Fight for Survival" - Open

Tori Kiser

"Lovely" - Lyrical

Lauryn Hague

"Throwbackz" - Large Group HipHop

Mae Armstrong, Trent Armstrong, Chandler Dean, Tiffani Dooley,

Jaimee Hall, Landree Malloy,

Lianna Overholser, Kaylee Pelkey,

Kylie McNutt, Keanna Phelps

2020 Dance Recital - JDC - Second Act

JDC and Huff 'n Puff Dance Instructors - Ms. Lois and Ms. Rachel with assistant dance instructors Lindsay Hague and Jaimee Hall.

"Friend Like Me" - Acro/Gymnastics

Hayes McMahan




"Us" - Tap

Chandler Dean, Myla McGhee

"I Wanna Dance" - Senior Tap

Mae Armstrong, Chandler Dean, Lindsay Hague,

Jaimee Hall,Tori Kiser, Myla McGhee

"Seventeen" - Tap

Jaimee Hall

Audra Feist who had competed with the Minis moved out of state before recital

and photos

  Jacksonville Dance Company - 2020

Well - you have to admit that this was first for our recital but then so were lessons on line for our gymnasts and dancers (before we got to reopen).  All or dance performances, both recreational and competitive, better than ever and I along with our parents would have loved to see them on the big stage, but I'm so proud of Ms. Lois and Ms. Rachel for pulling this off as they did.  And we thank Lindsay and Jaimee for all their assistance this year.  I know the students loved you all too.  We thank our parents for your continued support, and as I say every year in the recital program, we would be nothing without you. (In a couple of days, I will put a blurb on here as well telling how many years the dancers have performed in our recitals.)


First-Year Recital Students


Preston Armstrong, Amaya Austion, Akira Carter-Neyland, Mira Fischer, Coeli Gaylord, Amiah Hill, Dessie Hood, 

Sophia Horton, Kaylee Jacks, Daniella Johnson, Belladonna Jones, Kylie McNutt, Kelsie Riley, Addison Ronfeld,

Caia Sharp, Melanie Smith, Emerson Strode, Macie Kate Weatherford 


Second-Year Recital Students


Marleigh Baker, Laila Bullock, Pacey Mae Carr, Jaidyn Clifton, Makaelyn Clifton, Aubrey Hague, Sophia Hudson, Karsyn Hunter, Landree Malloy, Charlotte McKendree, Leah Miller, Lilian Overholser, Meela Rochel


Third -Year Recital Students


Lauryn Hague, Lindsay Hague, Keanna Phelps


Fourth-Year Recital Students


Trent Armstrong, Rai Bullock, Tiffani Dooley


Fifth-Year Recital Students


Josie Epperson, Carsyn Jones, Sydnee Lee, Mia McGhee, Lianna Overholser, Kaylee Pelkey, Rilee Platt



Tenth - Year Recital Students


Mae Armstrong


Eleventh -Year Recital Students


Chandler Dean


Twelfth - Year Recital Students


Emily Grimm, Jaimee Hall, Tori Kiser, Myla McGhee


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