"The Greatest Show" - Musical Theater

Mae Armstrong, Preston Armstrong, Trent Armstrong, Rai Bullock,

Tiffani Dooley, Josie Epperson, Aubrey Hague, Lauryn Hague,

Lindsay Hague, Jaimee Hall, Tori Kiser, Myla McGhee, 

Lily Overholser, Kaylee Pelkey, Keanna Phelps

"Hot Shower" - Hip Hop

Chandler Dean

"I Can Only Imagine" - Lyrical

Lily Overholser

"Keep Your Head Up" - Open


Mae Armstrong, Lauryn Hague, Lindsay Hague

"Medicine" - Contemporary

Tori Kiser and Myla McGhee 

"How Does a Moment" - Lyrical

Josie Epperson, Aubrey Hague

Lianna Overholser, Lily Overholser

Kaylee Pelkey

"Never Enough" - Lyrical  

Lindsay Hague

"Small" - Lyrical

Kaylee Pelkey


This is a competition picture of Kaylee but it is so good that I wanted to show it again.

"Beautiful Thing" - Open

Tori Kiser and Lilly Overholser

"Forward" - Contemporary

Jaimee Hall

"Walkin' on Sunshine" - Jazz

Lianna Overholser


"Leave a Light On" - Senior Contemporary


Mae Armstrong, Chandler Dean, Lindsay Hague,

Tori Kiser, Myla McGhee



"True Colors"

Landree Malloy


"Girlsquad"       Mini Hiphop


Josie Epperson, Aubrey Hague,

Lianna Overholser, Lily Overholser,

Kaylee Pelkey




2020 Dance Recital - Jacksonville Dance Company Recital

The 2020 Dance Recital was held in two portions - the Recreational Dance Performances and JDC Tap numbers were held at the Huff 'n Puff Dance Studio.  The first portion was held in  late June and the JDC competitive performances  were held July 18 at the Nazarene Church in Jacksonville - much appreciation to the Armstrong Family for their generous donation of their church to the JDC.  The tap performances of JDC were held at the HnP studio so the dance floor could be utilized - the church had carpeting and had a large enough area to host the large JDC performances.  The photos for the recital will be shown in the order performed.  The tap performanes will then be shown at the end of the program.  Also, the years performed will also be shown at the end of this program.

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