Such a proud group of gymnasts.  Congratulations gymnasts on qualifying for Level Six this morning.  The other Level Six team member, Brooklyn Theodore, was not in this photo as she had qualified earlier in the season.  What a fun year its going to be for our Level Six Team!!!!


Jax Gym Team Gymnasts Try Out and Make Level Six

We are so excited to announce that all six of our Level Five gymnasts quaified Friday morning to compete at Level Six this season.  These six gymnasts competed, along wth four other area gymnasts, and qualified in this sanctioned session to be able to compete Level Six.  This is a big step and the six Jax gymnasts joined their fellow team gymnast, Brooklin  Theodore, who had qualfied earlier in the season.  New Jax Gym Level Six Gymnasts are Brooklyn Boardman, Parker Brock, Tiffani Dooley, Juliet Dunlap, Lily Overholser and Charlie Smith.  We are excited that these gymnasts have each made Level Six - Level Six is when the gymnasts select their own music and have their own routines choreographed for their personalities.    We know that these gymnasts have worked hard to achieve this goal and we look forward to seeing them compete as a team this fall as they join our Jax Gym Optional Team members.   This is made more special because several of these gymnasts have competed as fellow team gymnasts for several years and levels.  

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