This jazz performance was performed to "Proud Mary" (all the dances were enjoyed by the audience, but this one  had the audience rockin' with it.)  Ms. Rachel, who had choreoraphed it, performed in the dance because Tori Kiser was unavailable, due to her many civic responsibilities.  Loved the performance and missed you Tori. 

This is Coach Johnette - in case you haven't yet met her - she and Preston took over the Ninja program last year and we had 40 ninjas last year and will have that many again after ball season (currently already 32).  The kids (boys and girls) love the classes and they are all loving the new equipment at the gym.  Program includes discipline in addition to learning new skills and fun!

Thanks to Ms. Lois, Ms. Rachel, Coach Jenna and Coaches Johnette and Preston for keeping things running so smoothly.

This is the wonderful 2019 Jacksonville Dance Company under the directon of Ms. Lois and assisted by Ms. Rachel  The dances that they presented were from the 2019 competition season - it was a great season and the dancers won many top awards, including national championships.  The dancers, along with the newest  dancers are currently working on new choreography for this new season. 

Ms. Lois and Grant were celebrating their one-year anniversary.  And thanks to Grant for assuming master of ceremony duties at the very last minute!

Happy anniversary for this happy couple (their two girls are in both competitive dance and competitive gymnastics and Ms. Lois is not only in charge of dance, but she also coaches the Level Four gymnasts now.  Thanks, Grant, for being the understanding husband!

And while we are expressing appreciation, I want to express our appreciation to our wonderfully supportive parents - we know that you are as proud of your children as we are - and it was fun to just show off a bit of their talents.

The dancers performed first and some of the pictures are posted next in no particular order as to ages or order of performance and may not even be the same dance..

Just look at this wonderful group of gymnasts - and not all of the gymnasts were even in this photo - some didn't attend - some had not arrived yet and I know of at least four who were practicing dance. We have almost 80 competitive gymnasts - (not counting trampoline and tumbling competitive team) and these gymnasts work really hard - winter and summer to achieve their skills - and of course, they do many more skills in the gym than can be demonstrated without equipment and on concrete.   P. S.  I like the new shirts!

p.s. - he broke his arm in school - not Ninja!

Jax Gym at HnP participates big Time at 2019 Jacksonville FestiVille

The day was a beautiful and sunny and gymnasts, dancers and ninja students turned out big time to support us and the city of Jacksonville in the annual FestiVille celebration.  The beautiful weather contributed to the fun time and we thank our students and parents who came out to "strut our stuff."  Lots of smiles from the students and parents made for the fun time and I'm sure the wonderful attitudes were evident to the public.   Performing to represent Jax at Huff 'n Puff were the JDC (competitive) dancers, Jax gymnasts from the competitive team, including junior olympic gymnasts, Levels One through Eight, Xcel competitive gymnasts, silver through platinum and gymnasts from the Jax Gym Trampoline and Tumbling Team which is extra fun because it includes boys and it was especially fun to see some of our Ninja students, which included a precious young girl, proving it's not just a boy thing!  Oh, an added note - we followed a fun band (may I dare say of not-so-young members who really lent to the fun atmosphere (and two included husbands of long-known good friends of the gym.

Some of the pictures are shown here - some were taken before the performances and others were taken during.  

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